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With the news about Jessica, I can’t help but be pissed at SM, disappointed in Girls’ Generation, confused by Jessica, and hurt overall. SNSD is nothing without the power of nine. Now it’s just 8 amazing girls and one horrible gaping hole that should rightfully be filled by jessica. I love Jessica and girls’ generation, but if this isn’t fixed, I don’t think I can stand to ever watch them perform again.

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Hyoyeon + Seohyun:
Sunny + Taeyeon:
Text: I remember when I started listening to SNSD, I used to think Hyoyeon looked more irritable compared to the other girls because of her natural bitchface. When I realized she’s just a dork like Seohyun, they instantly became my biases/ship and still are. To be honest, Sunny and Taeyeon show more attitude and grump than Hyo, which is probably why they’re my least favorite.

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it pisses me off when people say yoona is a better dancer than hyoyeon. like what the actually heck. she’s the visual and she doesn’t have the passion or that charisma that hyoyeon has. and I think we all agree that yoona is not the same level as hyoyeon. yuri and sooyoung comes close.

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Idols that are famous for acting like Yoona or Suzy in general receive much hatred of Koreans, especially on the internet. So I’m happy and relieved to see how they always say positive and encouraging things about Sooyoung’s performance in doramas.

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Based off of what Taeyeon says how she feels, I have the same personality as her. I feel lonely even though I have [few] friends, I cry and [sometimes drink] myself to sleep but I show the brightest smile in front of people/my family, and people think I’m one of the happiest/optimistic person they ever met but I’m extremely sad most of the time. Some people are calling her a “sly fox” and a liar. Is that what others think of me? Because of this, I’ll support Taeyeon because I want support too.

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