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Why We Shouldn’t Use the Word “Scandal”

Compared to my home country (US of A) South Korea seems to overall, be more conservative. Sexuality, etc. is less “in your face” (at least from a foreign perspective.) Usually I find this overall emphasis on modesty to be refreshing and charming. But there is something odd about how something as common as dating is reflected In korean entertainment. For me in particular, the use of the word “scandal” Here’s the actual definitions:

1. A publicized incident that brings about disgrace or offends the moral sensibilities of society
2. A person, thing, or circumstance that causes or ought to cause disgrace or outrage.
3. Damage to reputation or character caused by public disclosure of immoral or grossly improper behavior; disgrace.

The word scandal has a really negative connotation which is only reserved to describe really immoral, or sometimes criminal behavior. In America, it is used to describe things that are really f**ked up. Is dating really such a negative thing? No, of course not. Then, why do Korean celebrities have to sketchily have secret dates in cars? What are they spies? No, they do this to avoid criticism and to have a sense of privacy. It’s probably hard for a relationship to blossum while under the microscope of the media. But this makes the whole ordeal look even more incriminating. Like these grainy pictures make them look like their dealing drugs or something. (Lol mob boss Hwang) And then When idols are finally honest about being in relationships: they get a lot of flack for it. So how could we expect them to be honest about this? Why is dating so incriminating in the first place? can someone seriously tell me why dating is like a taboo thing in the Korean media? I’m confused.

Conclusion: This doesn’t logically doesn’t make any sense to me because on variety shows, the idea of relationships and love is talked about a lot in a very positive light: like “it’s good to fall in love”. Yeah they talk about it A LOT! As a fan this sucks because we never truly know when an artist we like is telling the truth or if they’re just straight lying. The only way to fix this is to take the negative connotation away from dating. Honestly in a few decades, dating probably won’t be a big deal in the Korean entertainment. Even in America, just 40 or so years ago, we were pretty conservative as we ( the 50s & 60s) I’m not asking you to forbid using “scandal” to decribe celebrities dating, but I do ask you to know what the word really means/implies.

Dear SNSD: Keep doing what you are doing because one can only fall in love through getting to know someone. And if that doesn’t work then your adoring fans will give you love you no matter what.
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Don't listen to the rude anons. :) No one asked them to wait. If they don't like how things are running here, they can make their own blog. It's that simple.

Thanks. :) And I agree, or go to about-snsd. I don’t want to sound rude or anything but seriously guys. There are more important things than this blog.

4 weeks ago
Probably gonna get hate for this, I’m new to the kpop scene and I don’t get why people are becoming offended about Taeyeon’s relationship? It’s not like Rihanna & Chris Brown or something that actually was a scandal because of abuse. They didn’t abuse their fans either.

This just seems like everyone making a huge fuss about nothing. Some people are dating. What does it matter who they are? Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean any fan, no matter how much of a SONE they are, should have any input or influence on what Taeyeon does with her life. It’s her life. If they want to date, they want to date. Quite frankly it’s no-one’s business.
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As someone who kinda has an idea of what they want to do when they grow up, but maybe is hestiant because of the risk of failure, I really admire all the members of SNSD for knowing who and what they wanted to be at such an early age and also how they were so determined to reach their dreams that they just went for it. i am kinda envious of people who find their passion early on in life, because then they have the time to develop skill, and to have fun with their passion. And when they’re adults, they are actually good at what they do and hit the ground running and are therefore more likely to be successful. I especially have this opinion towards Tiffany because she left America at like 12, went to a foreign country by herself without having a good grasp of the language. That’s just balls right there. I guess she just felt so strongly about singing that she couldn’t fathom the idea of not pursueing music and then was determined to work to reach her goal That’s really admirable.

“Elvis Duran Interviews SNSD”

This clip makes me really want to hear all of the girls talk about their individual “origin” stories (like the korean X-Men) about want made them want to become performers and how they came to be, etc. Does anyone else know of any interviews or clips were they talk about this kinda stuff?

Also, “….is this a cult” lol it kinda is in a way…
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Ignore the rude ass anons B| they're nothing. I'd help out and be an admin if I didn't have to take care of me own site ;; and I hardly have time for that. Your site is wonderful no matter how much you update.

Aww thank you, anon. I wish people would be less demanding and more understanding of the situation we are in for our personal lives. I’m currently working on a few confessions to post but it’s hard with 3G and a crappy phone. Hopefully I can get a few uploaded tonight to satisfy those who are waiting.

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Were the last few confessions made by the new admins? Aww how cute LOL .. Keep it up!

No they were submissions from people. I hope I can be able to pick a new admin soon but my phone doesn’t like to load pictures lately.

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