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You stopped adding pictures thats fine. But at least do something with the font. Its so small. Ill ruin my eyes. I was lurking this blog some time ago, now I barely visit. 

——- I apologize, I am currently only able to post from my phone so there isn’t much I can do with the font. The new admins will be able to do a lot more. I hope you’ll visit us more often once everything is up and running smoothly again! - Owner
9 hours ago

I have selected 2 new admins and have sent them messages letting them know. I apologize for taking so long. Hopefully with them around this blog will be back to how it was.
So thank you to everyone who has sent in applications, I really appreciate it.
So yeah. Just thought I’d let you all know.

- Owner

3 days ago with 2 notes
Are you dead or something ..??

Yes I am dead. This is my ghost typing.

3 days ago with 1 notes
What would admins do on this blog? (Would they be making the pictures?)

They would do everything I do. Make pictures and answer questions and if needed change the theme and update affiliates.

1 month ago
I don´t really understand why people complain so much about Sooyoungsters. I have never had a bad experience with one. tiffany´s fans are another thing, though. Like they´re too rude and vulgar sometimes.- A Gorjess S.
1 month ago with 9 notes
i can't be the only one who gets those pervy vibes from some of SNSD's songs. "my deep love core", "so tight, so tough", "let's get deeper deeper deeper", so tell me what you wanna do, bo what you want me to do?"... seriously, i can feel it.
1 month ago with 8 notes
Why can't there be pease between blackjacks and sons, only mature fans understand that they don't see each other as enemies, but they see each other as friends.
1 month ago with 3 notes
So many people are upset about the girls dating for themselves, and I think that's so rude. "Omg that's not my ship so I'm upset" They are real people with real emotions, it's so selfish that people are upset that the girls found love and it's not with who they ship that member with.
1 month ago with 7 notes
"Hide their gay" lmfao. It's only the delusional international fans who even think that. They're def dating for real. SM won't go thru all this shit with the 2 most popular member of each group.... for what... to distract from Kris's situation? Lol. I mean, it's only the ifans that even think they're faking it, kfans are only mad cause they "betrayed" them by using sns for their 'secret love msgs'
1 month ago with 3 notes
I really wish people didn't overlook and generalise depression so easily, in this case with Taeyeon. You can have hundreds of friends and have fun with them but at the end of the day it's not going to erase the loneliness in your heart. Pretty much all my friends view me as one of the brightest and carfree friends but deep down I know I'm rotting from the inside out. I'm just good at hiding it.
1 month ago with 19 notes