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Text: I’m upset by Jessica’s breakup with SNSD, but if she needed to invest all her time with BLANC, then she needs to go do that. Being an idol is a full time job and being a designer is a full time job too. I think SNSD let Jessica go because it was what was best for everyone’s sake. SNSD and Jessica FIGHTING!

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Text: Jessica just revealed this very evening that the members were the ones who asked her to leave the Girls’ Generation, NOT S.M. Entertainment. In fact, according to Jessica, S.M. was more than happy to accommodate her fashion industry and music. You can read the official letter on the SBS Pop Asia website. It is heartbreaking and disgusting to know that the members would do this to someone they’ve known for fifteen years - and it makes all their “sadness” in China look horrendous. I am floored.

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Text: I wish Taeyeon would stop hanging around 2Ny so much. I know she’s depressed but she has 8 close friends who deeply care about and love her, not just two. I wish she would just accept the love the other members are willing to give her.

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